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Welcome to CYBUG Central


Here's a page showing CYBUG information and activities.   I've built the CYBUG as a starting point for those interested in becoming involved in robotics, or just wanting a low-maintenance pet!

Table of Contents 
The CYBUG Scarab kit
bulletConstruction guide for CYBUG SCARAB
bulletHBF-1: Hunger for CYBUG SCARAB
bulletHBF-2:Predatorfor CYBUG SCARAB
bulletBuilding an Ecosystem for CYBUG SCARAB
bulletBuilding a Feeding Station for CYBUG SCARAB
bulletTheory of Operation or CYBUG SCARAB

bulletIntroducing the CYBUG SOLARFLY ...

bulletIntroducing the Sunflower  


Introducing the Chloroplast 
splibug3.jpg (47840 bytes)The cybug is intended to mimic life in it's most basic form.   Rather than using a programmable micro-processor, it has simple instincts hard-wired into it which creates a very life-like behavior.  I have a number of CYBUG's romping around their ecosystem, and no two CYBUG's behave the same!  They exhibit emergent behavior which seems to give the robots a personality!

Even though the basic CYBUG is cool, you can modify it's personality by adding on one of two higher brain functions: Predator or Herbivore

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wpe4.jpg (11333 bytes)wpe6.jpg (12901 bytes)HBF-1 (Higher Brain Function 1)

Hunger Instinct

This add on circuit board for the CYBUG monitors battery level of the 9V ni-cad and modifies the behavior of the CYBUG based on that level.  If the CYBUG feels "hungry" ( batteries less than 7V ) the robot is attracted to light ( where there is a conveniently placed feeding station ) 

When the voltage improves to over 9.5V, then the CYBUG becomes photo-phobic ( afraid of light ) and scampers off to play in the dark. 

The HBF-1 board also has a pair of feeler-like antennae which are used to make contact with a voltage source to draw current in and charge the CYBUG's battery.   Instructions on how to build the feeding stations are found here!

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cybug_1.gif (14154 bytes)wpe2.jpg (20754 bytes)HBF-2 (Higher Brain Function 2)


These two add-on boards for the CYBUG modify the basic robot into a predatory behaviour.  The circuit on the left is attached to the basic CYBUG and has two sensitive eye's which are tuned to infra-red light. 

The circuit on the right goes on the prey, and emits the infra-red light and attracts the predator. 

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feeder1.gif (67841 bytes)Build your own robotic ecosystem for your CYBUG

Building an ecosystem for your CYBUG allows the little fellow to thrive in it's own robot niche!  This link takes you to a page showing some ecosystems.  I'll even show you some ecosystems idea's I've tried out!


Building a CYBUG sunflower feeding station

This link carries you to an area describing how to build a CYBUG feeding station from spare bits and pieces as well as some simple ways to build predator circuits.! 


CYBUG Schematics

Here is some information about how the CYBUG circuit actually works! Includes the Solarfly, Cybug and Sunflower



solfly_small.gif (11229 bytes)The CYBUG SOLARFLY kit

Here's a great addition to your CYBUG colony!  The SOLARFLY is a solar powered phototropic CYBUG with obstacle detection and avoidance built into it's basic survival instincts.  Very active, even on a cloudy day, the SOLARFLY will navigate it's way through your ecosystem, competing with other SOLARFLYs for the brightest light spot, or taking a sip from any convienient SUNFLOWER POWER PLANT.  The SOLARFLY's heart is based on the "Chloroplast" Solar Engine ( see below ) which maintains a constant voltage supply for the core "vital organ" electronics, but channels any excess energy to the motors for mobility.

This easy to build kit contains over 30 parts including a high quality double sided printed circuit board ( 3.5"x3.5" ) and has complete instructions describing the installation of all parts and  how they all work together to bring the SOLARFLY to life. 

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wpe5.gif (116394 bytes)The CYBUG Sunflower POWER PLANT kit
The CYBUG SUNFLOWER POWER PLANT is the bottom of your CYBUG's ecosytem food chain.  These synthetic plants follow the sun, continually charging up the on-board storage elements to maintain it's own existance or provide energy for other robots in the CYBUG colony.  Even without the rest of the colony, the Power Plant makes a very active and interesting addition to any windowsill. Available in DAISY or SUNFLOWER versions.

Kit contains 25 parts and requires some soldering.

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The CHLOROPLAST Solar Engine
The CHLOROPLAST Solar Engine is the heart of the CYBUG SOLARFLY and Sunflower robots.  In living plants, a chloroplast is a chloroplast is the part of the plant responsible for converting sunlight to energy.  In the CYBUG robots, the chloroplast converts sunlight into a steady voltage for powering logic or microprocessors (life support function) , and channels any excess or bonus voltage to the motors for mobility. 

It's a very easy to build circuit, and requires only a couple of components.  Click on the following link for complete instructions on building the CYBUG CHLOROPLAST Solar Engine
If you want  free Chloroplast circuit boards, just email us at and we'll send some up to you! 

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