"The SUMO OR-bot"

NOR Based SUMO-bot



This circuit will drive two motors forward ( Left and right side of robot ).  If the right or left front sensor is touched, the robot will spin in the opposite direction for a period of time determined by the 10K/100uF RC circuit.  The designer can modify these two values to an appropriate level to get the optimum rotation for his/her robot.  Functionally, this circuit is identical to the ANDroid, only using the NOR equivalent gates.


Here is the circuit diagram for the OR-bot, showing all the control system connections.  All that is missing here is the connections to +5V and Ground ( pin 14 and 7 ) and the motor controller interface.

norbot1.gif (6419 bytes)

Electronic Workbench Schematic for control circuit.



The following diagram shows the circuit as wired on the VULCAN logic trainer. 


wpe26.jpg (66745 bytes)

NOR-based Obstacle Avoiding robot on Virtual Vulcan

The yellow and green wires on the logic indicators are the connections to the robots motors.  The purple wires on the Switches 1 and 8 are to be connected to the robots front touch sensors.  The integrated circuit on the right side is an L293 motor controller.

Switching either switch 1 or 2 low simulates contact with the touch sensors.  This simulator does not show the capacitors on the inputs since it is strictly for digital signals.  The lamp indicators show the direction of the motor rotation.