Here's a simple little robot control circuit which has a basic operation.   This robot has a switch-sensor on the front bumper, and one on the rear.  As the robot moves forward, when the front bumper touches an obstacle the robot will reverse, and keep going backward until the Back Bumper is impacted.  That causes the robot to move forward again.

I have hooked this circuit up to one of those 1-channel remote control cars which turn when backing up and go straight when moving forward to create a cool emergent behaviour!

It's based on a very simple circuit called a SET-RESET flip/flop.   Once set, the circuit stays stable in the set condition on until RESET is asserted.   At that point the robot will be stable in RESET condition.

dingbot.gif (5462 bytes)

This is a Virtual Vulcan simulation of the DINGbot's control system.   Simulate the contacting of the two input sensors by momentarily switching switch 1 or 2 down.

wpe30.jpg (59013 bytes)