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For those more technically inclined, here are the schematics for the Solarfly, Sunflower QueenAnt and Scarab...

Please remember to read and heed the copyright notice which follows...

These schematics are copyrighted (c) 2002 by JCM Electronic Services and remains the property of JCM Electronic Services. No unauthorized use of this design is permitted.  These schematics may be used by individuals and educational institutions so long as no fee's are collected for it's distribution or use and this copyright notice is included.

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Solarfly Schematic

Here are the Schematics for the Solarfly circuit...  Note the use of the hi efficiency op-amps to monitor the voltage outputs of the Infra-red diodes ( due to those diodes photo-voltaic effect. 

schematic.gif (17718 bytes)



Sunflower /Power-plant schematic

opamps.gif (10364 bytes)


sunbridge.gif (9216 bytes)


Please read attached copyright notice..

CYBUG Schematic


QueenAnt Schematic ( with Drone Board )