Solarfly 2

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CYBUG SolarFly 2

Totally redesigned for 2007!

Only $36.00 (Canadian)



Video showing SolarFly in Action

The new SolarFly 2 is the direct descendant of the popular Solarfly, this greatly improved kit is an easier to build, more sensitive, more functional artificial lifeform with the ability to switch between solar mode ( chloroplast solar engine ) and battery mode ( 9V battery under circuit board ).

In battery mode, the SolarFly is a very fast and frantic light seeking photovore and is very photosensitive

You can replace the on-board 4700uF capacitor with a 1 Farad supercap (optional ) for a solar powered phototropic speeder for even cooler action!

Best of all, the SolarFly 2 has a new lower than ever price


bulletEasy to build design
bulletOver 30 parts
bulletAdheres to BEAM principles
bulletClear, educational instructions
bulletCool "dragonfly" styling
bulletTwo "switchable" modes of operation
bulletSolar Mode
bullet9V Battery Mode
bulletFlexible, bendable solar cell
bulletHyper-sensitive phototropic ( light seeking ) behaviour
bulletChloroplast Solar Engine
bulletDual obstacle avoidance feelers with memory
bulletGloss black high quality circuit board with silkscreen